The inspiration for my signature fish pie recipe came from the four years I lived in England. There’s an 800-year old restaurant in Bethnal Green I worked at that I swear, if the Queen wanted a fish pie, that’s where she’d go to have it. I’ve spent years perfecting this recipe and it’s perfect for families, kids - everyone.

Eugene at Flemington Markets

I go to Flemington Markets about once a week to gather the ingredients. I make sure I’m there at 6AM. When you want to cook something that’s healthy as well as delicious, you have to make sure you start with the freshest ingredients.

To make my signature fish pie, I bought celeriac and fennel, dill, continental parsley, thyme and rosemary from suppliers I know and trust. I usually take a shopping list, but sometimes I’ll see something that I just have to have, or I’ll get talking with a supplier and I’ll get an idea from something they share.

Eugene in the kitchen

We cook the fish by poaching it in milk, frying the vegetables, combining the sauce and the fish, and then piping the mashed potato on top. Then we bake it in the oven until the potato is golden and crispy.

It’s that simple, but it’s the mix of fresh vegetables and herbs - and our Ora king salmon and local white fish - that really makes the whole dish sing.

Eugenes Signature Fish Pie in the Oven

My customers at the moment are the local families in Bronte. Most people around here have really long work hours. If I can give someone the night off from cooking, that’s a bonus.

It’s so easy to prepare at home.  It’s already cooked, it just needs to be heated up.

Fresh food, cooked for you... I think that if people have it once, they’ll have it again.

Take our signature fish pie home with you today.

Pick it up from the cafe any time before 4pm, every day, or get your $100+ delivery order in by Thursday for delivery the next Tuesday.

Eugene's Signature Fish Pie
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Eugene Giesinger